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Do You Have Squirrels In Your Loft in Kent?

Do You Have Squirrels In Your Loft in Kent?


Squirrels can be delightful creatures. Scampering through the woods, chasing each other round and round tree trunks, squirrels on the whole present us humans with very few issues. In fact, in the majority of cases, people are more annoyed with them pinching seed from the bird table in the garden!

Did you know…?
Squirrels store nuts and seeds in different places as food stores so that they have enough food to get them through the harsh British winters.

But there can be a more serious problem that would need an effective solution, which only a pest controller can offer – and that is getting rid of squirrels in lofts and attics in Kent. Squirrels normally prefer the seclusion of local woodland, where food and nesting sites are in abundant supply. They normally stay away from humans, and our pets. However, like all animals and ‘pests’, they are driven to provide their young the best nest in terms of safety and food, hence they find their way in to buildings, vacant and occupied, causing untold damage.

Grey Squirrels

It seems that the grey squirrel is a master adaptor as it has thrived in the UK, making their population soar.

Scientists believe this down to one thing – the ability of grey squirrels to survive cold winters, I part due to their larger and heavier size. This abundant layer of body fat simply means that when the winter weather closes in, the survival chances of the grey squirrel is high.

Grey squirrels are adventurous, happy scampering across the ground but the grey squirrel can cause problems.

Did you know…?
… there are 260 different species of squirrels across the globe?


By the 1920s and 1930s, the grey squirrel had acquired a reputation as vermin, mainly as a result of significant damage they were causing to commercial forestry, particularly to beech trees. By 1938, there was a blanket ban on the introduction of grey squirrel varieties to Britain and the battle to control them started.


Squirrels produce two litters of kittens a year; in the spring, around February and March, and in later summer months, usually July and August. The average litter size is 3, but it has been known to be as low as 1 and as high as 6.

Squirrels normally nest in trees BUT, like all animals, they look for places that are safe, weather-proof and with a ready supply of food close by… and your loft or attic in Kent ticks all those boxes. Hence, the smallest gap in the side of your home or business, can be the entry point the squirrel needs to make their way in to your loft and attic, finding the perfect place to nest.

A problem that MUST be dealt with

Squirrels, despite their cuteness scampering in the woods, when they nest or enter buildings can cause severe damage in a very short period of time. Most people are alerted to the possibility of squirrels in their loft or attic by loud noises and scratches.

Leaving the squirrels in the loft or attic is not an option, simply because once they have found their way in, they will not leave such a cosy, warm safe place! What better place to give birth and raise their young?

But, there is a major hazard that squirrels bring to your property and that is the damage they cause:

  • This can end up costing your thousands of pounds as you may find their gnawing of certain timbers actually compromises the strength of important structures, such as roof trusses.
  • Likewise, squirrels are not too bothered about what they chew; they can gnaw their way through electrical cabling too, which clearly presents a fire and electrocution risk.

Dealing with squirrels in attics or lofts in Kent

Squirrels are peace-loving animals; they rarely attack or are aggressive BUT, like all animals, if they feel threatened they can scratch and bite, especially if defending their young, which is why we suggest that if you think you have squirrels in the loft, call a professional pest control company to deal with the problem.

This also protects you in the sense that to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal in the UK is illegal, therefore, get it wrong and your could be prosecuted, facing a hefty fine.

This is how we deal with a squirrel problem in a property;

  • We start with a comprehensive property inspection so that we can assess how best to treat any infestation
  • All traps used to remove squirrels are humane, live traps
  • Once trapped, we remove the squirrels and relocate them back to their natural habitat, local woodland or humanely exterminate them.
  • We can then advise you on the best way to stop squirrels from making their way back in to your property!

Dealing with squirrels for a professional pest control company such as SOS Pest Control is effective and efficient, leaving your property squirrel-free!

If you have concerns about squirrels in your property please give us a call for free experienced advice about the best option to eliminate your squirrel infestation.