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Spring Pests to look out for

Spring Pests to look out for

When Spring arrives, the weather starts to feel warmer and the nights are lighter for longer. Spring also means the emergence of some new pests that could cause you some issues if they gain access to your home. Below are just a few pests to keep an eye out for this Spring.


Ants can become a real nuisance if they are able to gain access to your property. They are not a threat to human health, but they certainly can be annoying. The reason why they will be trying to enter your home is to find food. They are able to emit a pheromone to signal to other ants that there is food sources available and then other ants can follow the same trail into your home. Ant will eat just about anything, but favourites are fruits, aphids and other smaller insects. In your home, they are particularly partial to anything sweet so fruit and sugary items are usually best kept off of surfaces and where possible in sealed containers.


As the weather warms up, you will start noticing flies about. There are many different types of flies including; house fly, bluebottle, greenbottle, horse fly and cluster fly just to name a few. Flies will typically remain dormant over the winter months, only coming out when the weather warms up. They are in search of food and suitable mates. Flies are considered very unsanitary due to where they land and eat. The heat of the sun will warm up food that you have disposed of and that smell is very attractive to flies. They will eat, poop, and lay their eggs all in the same place. For this reason, anything flies land on can contain harmful bacteria that may may you unwell. Keep your floors and kitchen sides clean and food covered at all times. Keep your bins covered with a lid to avoid flies being able to gain entry and lay their eggs.


We do not always think about cockroaches being a problem in the UK, however they certainly can be if left untreated. Cockroaches are extremely hardy pests, so home remedies are highly unlikely to be effective enough to eradicate them completely. They are mainly active at night and they are very fast. For that reason, getting a glimpse of a cockroach can be difficult but if you have an infestation then there will be an odour present. You may also find droppings too. Cockroaches like dark and damp environments so your bathroom or kitchen are prime locations.
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