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Pest Control vs Animal Control – Your Guide

When we talk about the services that we have available for people to explore, you’ve probably heard us talk a little bit about pest control and animal control simultaneously. After all, not only do we help with pests, but we can also help with animal control to a certain extent. However, what is the difference between the two? Why are they two different services?

Well, we thought it was probably important that you knew the difference, which is why we are going to sit down and explain to you the difference between pest control and animal control is, so you can make smart decisions.

Pest Control

So, pest control is more about situations where you have things like bugs or insects, or even very small animals that have taken up residence in your building. These are often difficult to deal with, but it’s very much a case-by-case basis on what we do with them. If it’s like a small animal, then we try to remove them and release them back into the wild, but if it’s pests like insects, then oftentimes we have to consider removing the root cause entirely and employing fumigation methods.

We have a code of ethics, which means we try to operate as humanely as possible, but there are some situations where we have to consider what will be an effective solution. You can’t just remove insects in some cases. If they were a hive, you could possibly remove the hive, and that would remove the problem, but if it’s just things like cockroaches or other bugs that carry diseases without a particular root cause, then we do have to remove them entirely. Animals we always try to remove and put them back in the wild, because even things like mice are very sentient, and have a certain level of intelligence.

Animal Control

Animal control is for situations where you have bigger problems to deal with. This could be things like foxes, squirrels, badgers, birds, and things that are clearly not pests, and clearly not insects, but at the same time, still should not be in the building. Animal control is always a humane exercise, we always remove things as humanely as we can.

Animal control does happen quite a fair bit, but at the same time, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it requires people to be aware of what methods go into things. We remove animals, humanely, and release them back into the wild, because we don’t believe in outright killing anything we don’t have to.
Final Thoughts

So, understanding the core differences between pest control and animal control is very important. The two are different scenarios, and we do provide support to both, but it’s important that you understand how we deal with each. Wherever possible, we try to operate in a humane fashion, however, sometimes that isn’t possible, But for things like animals, we always remove them humanely and then sterilise the area where they were living to prevent them from coming back.